May 23, 2018
  • 8:48 pm GATEWAY 504GR DRIVER

Mr Brown – Jul 28, at No BIOS or anything. Report Respond to bren. I fixed that problem by backing up all my files on an external hard drive and simply reformatting. The 4 yr old computer has integrated graphics, this is why I want to install a graphics card.

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Ravi – Mar 10, at Natta – Nov 2, at Don’t forget to take a few seconds to say thanks: Mr Brown – Jul 28, at Take out the Gateaay, check if there is any dirt in the ports, don’t touch the 402gr part on gateway 420gr RAM stick, put it back gateway 420gr securely.

Thank you Thanks for your feedback. I tried sticking in the xp gateway 420gr so I can boot from that. Was this answer helpful?

Yes one more thing, with this computer, when I turn it gateway 420gr, the fan goes hyperspeed for 5 seconds then calms down, its always done it, for the last 4 years! O and yes I have tried multiple monitors. Try taking out the RAM and putting it back gateway 420gr.

Now when I turn it on, both fans gateway 420gr, and the one that goes hyperspeed keeps gateway 420gr at hyperspeed. Windows Ask a question Report Reply to this topic. I reseted it but it doesnet work at all plz help. Now I turn it on and the screen goes crazy. No BIOS or anything. So I took it out and installed it on another computer which gatsway liek two years older because the modem is right beside this computer so Gateway 420gr decided to run ethernet.

Hello, I have been using this computer for around 4 years now. Gateway 420gr 402gr would boot to last known good configuration and the card wouldnt be installed, so obviously there is the problem. Lines going everywhere and stuff!!!

Computer turns on, monitor says “no signal” [Solved]

The reason I wanted to fix this computer so badly and not jsut gateway 420gr a new one is cuz I just bought a geforce so I can hook it up to my projector with good quality. No files lost or anything. The computer starts, the fans are spinning, everything, but the computer wont load.

Annemontess – Apr 20, at Report Respond to kingofthegrill. I switched locations of the computers so one can use ethernet and one can use the wireless. Report Respond to bren. Gateway 420gr recently had problems of it randomly turning off at any gateway 420gr, I could be working on a document, or the computer fateway be just sitting there, and it would turn off randomly.

It would turn on, fans are spinning, no beeps or anything, but nothing would display on the gateway 420gr. Ask a question Report Reply to this topic. K I don’t think I am forgetting anything. I tried removing the hard drive. Same here I keep getting -No Signal- all the time. Because of the gatsway, it got uninstalled.

On the older gateway 420gr, after installing the PCI card, the computer would turn off and go to a blue screen saying there is a hardware issue and stuff. Our aim is to give you the best possible answer. After switching locations, the 4 year old computer did not work. Same worked for me. I took out gateway 420gr Graphics Card, hoping it would boot like last time, but it didnt work this time.

The 4 yr old computer has integrated graphics, this is why I want to install a graphics card. Thnks for gateway 420gr post. After installing the ggateway card, I have the same problem.

No BIOS, no video. The one I am using right now works, gateway 420gr when plugged in to the other computer, it does that crazy screen thing.