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Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The encoder track positions are fixed and cannot be modified. Printing shows very pale or inconsistent results. Printers have the equivalent of an Extended Mem- ory. Do you need to automatically print on both sides of the card? That system includes the printing machine itself, a digital camera, and ID card software. An eleventh digit, at the be- ginning, indicates the type of product and a twelfth digit is a module check digit.

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From this perspective, the data field of the PS, GS, Z, and vZ commands first becomes a memory-resident image in a designated image buffer.


See Chapter 2 for location. Your typical ink-jet or laser printer is of no use for such an application. Some bar code types have a selectable bar code width ratio.

Not sure how printeg choose an ID card printer? By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Printing shows very pale or inconsistent results. Returns a card in Module 2 to the Module 1 exit point.

The printer feeds a card if a card is not loaded and magnetically writes data eltron p310 card printer in memory to the pre-selected ISO track s.

Page 38 Use only Zebra-approved card and printeer media. Cleaning Cards are fed manually throught this slot. The 12th and eltron p310 card printer digit define the country code. An offset that optimizes print quality should be found. O310 Command – Print Hologram IH Command – Print Hologram Description This command serves to print the entire address able Varnish image buffer or to reverse print any im- age data line, rectangles, graphics, text, etc.

Compressed Bit-Map Data-to Card Figure shows a card consistent with the orienta- tion of a card traveling right to left in the card eltron p310 card printer of Mapping a printer. Encoder Operation The encoder executes commands received one at a time. Do you need a magnetic stripe? Send the command directly to the printer port. X Command – Check Command Initiator The card printer responds to commands with data or error codes eltron p310 card printer the bi-directional serial interface only.

I Command – Print Monochrome Graphics Description This command serves to print a monochrome graphic panel from a card image previously stored in the buffer designated for Resin images. Other than the recommended cleaning proce- dures described in this manual, allow only Zebra authorized technicians to service the P Printer NEVER loosen, tighten, adjust, or bend, etc.

The regular use of these cards will Each one of eltron p310 card printer bar codes, described in the Command B and Appendix A, have a formula to determine a bar etlron length. Also See for P Programmer’s manual – pages. Laminators serve as heat-transfer devices for mate- rial or panels contained on Laminator Ribbons.

A Command – Print Test Card Description Prints a standard test card with printer parameters, version number, and test pattern.

Zebra P310 User Manual

Ribbons Five imaging ribbons are offered: But proximity cards and contactless smart cards offer 4 distinct advantages: C ZIH Corp. Page 11 means dye-sublimation black also has a five-bit- per-dot range 32 levels of gray.

Ff Command – Set Ribbon Sequence! Page 10 Eltron p310 card printer programming commands control the printing process by color and by ribbon material, allowing overprinting and prinrer control of various multi- ple-overlay finishes.

ID Printing Machines

While every effort has been made to keep the information contained within current and eltron p310 card printer as of the date of publication, no guarantee is given or implied that the document is error-free or that it is accurate with regard to any specification. Got it, continue to print.

Warranty Information 12 months from the date of purchase by the end user. ID printers offer a variety of security options, and choosing the right machine depends on the specific needs of your organization. The printer cannot execute a new encoder command until the eltron p310 card printer ccard command has been completed.

Install Card Cartridge by hooking onto printer as shown and clicking down. Parallel Port Printer The Busy and Acknowledge signal lines are used to transfer data to the printer only.


Port Signals P3xx and P4xx printers have an optional serial port. That system includes the printing machine itself, a digital camera, and ID card software. Portland, OR Fax: While unpacking, inspect eltron p310 card printer carton to ensure that no damage occurred during shipping. Serial port connected printers re- spond with a model number and firmware version. Data Errors The encoder will retry, up to six 6 times, any read or write write-verify read operation, before report- ing an error.

Always refer to the part number when placing an order. The card automatically read-verifies the encoded data. Printers have the equivalent of an Extended Mem- ory.

Moves card to the Print Ready position eltron p310 card printer Module 1. Ideally, hosts should send com- pressed data, which requires a compatible compression algorithm.

Card Handling Process 3.